Campings con servicio Direct Chat para WhatsApp

Campsites with Direct Chat service for WhatsApp

Messagenes has just launched Direct Chat, a professional communication manager based on WhatsApp Business, which uses stickers with dual NFC and QR technology to optimize the interaction of companies with their customers. This system has proven to be especially useful in the camping sector, where its benefits are evident and of high economic return:

  • It opens an inexpensive, fast and easy communication channel with customers (the people hosted directly access the chat by bringing their mobile closer to the NFC tag or by scanning the QR code).
  • It frees up the phone lines of the campsite, and reduces the constant dedication required to attend to them (the reception staff is not forced to respond to each customer instantly).
  • Create contextualized communication (the camping staff automatically knows which bungalow or plot is each message being sent from).
  • It allows you to easily create automated messages, which are instantly adapted to the language of the interlocutor (the customer received the message in the language you have configured in the browser of your smartphone).
  • Improves customer service thanks to a system without waiting (the hosted person should not wait to be answered by telephone from a saturated frequency reception).
  • It facilitates the orderly management of reservations and orders (since the reception staff will have all interactions in writing, classified by client and ordered temporarily).
  • Avoid having to reprint QR codes (the Messagenes HUB allows you to redirect each QR to the desired URL, easily and at any time).
  • Reassure clients concerned about the health aspects of interpersonal communication (as it is a fully contactless model).

The system couldn't be simpler:

  • the client uses the NFC / QR sticker of his bungalow or pitch,
  • the chat opens instantly on your smartphone,
  • you receive an automatic welcome message in your own language,
  • and then write what you want: a request for information, a reservation for a service, a notice about extending your stay, etc.

Undoubtedly, it is a win-win model, where the hosted person receives more comfortable and individualized attention, and the campsite optimizes its human and temporal resources in managing its communication with customers.

If you want more information about this product, visit the page . For any questions, write to us at

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