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How to compete with eCommerce

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How to compete with eCommerce

Christmas shopping is approaching and there are many highstreet establishments that suffer from growing competition from online stores. Most small entrepreneurs see digital commerce as a threat to their survival, and they do not know how to face a trend that seems unstoppable.
Indeed, online sales is becoming standard practice for the vast majority of consumers. In fact, eCommerce is conquering a market share that keeps on growing, especially after the health crisis and confinement.

All the indicators suggest that digital commerce is here to stay. Faced with this unavoidable reality, traditional businesses can and must adapt to the new normal if they want to maintain or increase their sales figures. For this, visibility and positioning on the internet is essential, even if the product or service is offered in a physical establishment. One of the most important tools to achieve such online presence are the ratings offered by various platforms, where users can rate their experience as customers. And among these websites, Google Reviews undoubtedly occupies a prominent place.

How to achieve a greater number of reviews and a better rating? Digital marketers propose the following five rules:

  • Respond quickly to all reviews.
  • Create social media accounts to connect with your customers.
  • Make your goal a percentage and not a number.
  • Show your Google reviews badge on your website.
  • Always try to respond with kindness and patience.

In parallel, use physical tools that encourage our clients to value us.
The easier we make it for them, the more likely they will give us a good grade. This is the aim of the Google QR NFC sticker from Messagenes, which helps customers vote for us with their smartphone when they visit our establishment. You have all the information about this product in the following link:

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How to compete with eCommerce
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