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⭐ How to activate the NFC of your mobile on Android and iPhone

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⭐ How to activate the NFC of your mobile on Android and iPhone

We are increasingly familiar with the NFC proximity technology, applied to different uses: sending files, paying with your smartphone, automatically connecting to a WiFi network, etc. And as these utilities multiply, more and more smartphones incorporate this chip.

In order to enjoy its benefits, the first thing we must do is make sure that our smartphone has this technology. The answer to this question is relatively straightforward. In the case of Android, you will have to go to its specifications table, the quick settings panel, the Android Settings itself, or use the applications specifically designed for it, and in the case of the iPhone it will depend on the model (all they have from iPhone 6, although with restricted use in versions prior to iOS 11).

However, although we are sure we have this option, we probably do not know how to enable or disable NFC. As in the previous question, the answer will depend on the type of mobile we have.

  • Android. In this case, we propose two options:
    • In some cases, it will be enough to slide down the main screen and press the NFC icon in the quick shortcuts in the notification area.
    • However, in other cases you will have to enter the System Settings menu. You will have to look for the NFC option in the Wireless Connections section. You may have to click on the More category.
  • iPhone. The question is much simpler in this case.
    • Most iPhones do not have the ability to activate or deactivate this option, as it is directly linked to restricted uses.
    • However, Apple is progressively opening up to NFC, so this situation is likely to change in the future.

Without a doubt, we are facing a technology that will enjoy a important growth during the coming years, and that it is favoring continuous initiatives to make the most of its possibilities. For example, this chip allows us to use PMarketing Stickers by Messagenes to automatically connect with a specific account on social networks (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) or with a Google Reviews page of a local business. You can find more information about these products in the following link:

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⭐ How to activate the NFC of your mobile on Android and iPhone
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