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Smart stickers to get more followers and visits on social networks

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Smart stickers to get more followers and visits on social networks

Have you ever thought about placing stickers in strategic places to get more followers or visits?

All people and companies that interact on social networks share the goal of expanding their impact.
Messagenes has just presented a new product that facilitates this audience acquisition quickly and easily. Thank you to your adhesive stickers for social networks with dual NFC / QR technology (Chip NTAG213 and Smart QR) it is easy to multiply the impact and visibility in social networks. The customer reads the sticker with his mobile, and with a single click opens the page in the browser and sees the linked content.

One of the advantages of this product is the possibility for the user to redirect the destination of the link whenever they want. Thus, thanks to the QR and NFC management tool of Messagenes, we can direct the label to the main page of our account on social networks, or change it for free to a specific content that we want to highlight, this process being totally reversible. We can even redirect the same sticker to a new account that we decide to open.

Currently, Messagenes offers the following social media shortcut tags:

  • FACEBOOK: The platform created by Mark Zuckerberg continues to be the most used social network in the world today, with more than 2.4 billion active users. Most of its users use it to interact with family and friends, read the news, enjoy their most popular games, search for other people, and even to make purchases. You can take a look at the sticker in the link below.

See Stickers with QR and NFC Facebook:

  • INSTAGRAM: The second place is occupied by Instagram, a direct derivative of Facebook. It currently counts more than 1 billion active users, and according to comparative data, it is still the preferred platform of influencers when it comes to monetization.

See Stickers with QR and NFC Instagram: 

  • YOUTUBE: Finally, Messagenes also offers the QR / NFC sticker for direct access to YouTube, the most popular video website on the internet, which is still in top form despite the emergence of new platforms that rival it in the audiovisual field.

See Stickers with QR and NFC YouTube:

Messagenes plans to soon expand its range of labels with the following networks:

  • TIKTOK: We are facing a platform in permanent growth, which already has more than 800 million active users. It is the social network of the moment, which everyone wants to use, especially among the younger audience. Its managers have the immediate objective of expanding the profile of its users, expanding it to all age groups.
  • TWITTER: Also in the global TOP 5, we find the network of the blue bird. As long as there is news in the world, there will be Twitter. And it is that, it does not matter if it is an amateur or a professional, this social network will continue to exist to publicize in real time the most important events that happen in the world.
  • LINKEDIN: Over the years, it has become the professional network par excellence, oriented to business, commercial activity and employment. Starting from the profile of each user, the web has managed to position itself as the main forum to connect millions of companies and professionals.

When we have these new models available, do not doubt that we will present them to you. 
And if you have any questions contact here.

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Smart stickers to get more followers and visits on social networks
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