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How to use Tik Tok for business to include it in your digital marketing strategy

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How to use Tik Tok for business to include it in your digital marketing strategy

If your company includes Generation Z among its target audience, the TikTok platform can be very useful to publicize your brand, either by creating your own content, working with influencers or launching a paid advertising campaign.

Today, any marketing strategy must take into account the dissemination tools that the digital world makes available to us. TikTok is a perfect platform to get closer to the call Generation Z, made up of people born between 1994 and 2010.

This social network allows you to create and share videos, as well as launch challenges from hashtags. Since the birth of its Chinese precedent, Douyin, in September 2016, the platform has not stopped growing, currently having 1 billion monthly active users. This spectacular trend has managed to get companies to put TikTok in their sights, including it in a preferential position within their digital marketing strategies.

Between the main features of this platform the following stand out:

  • A fantastic video editing tool, with numerous resources: musical backgrounds, stickers, texts, filters, visual and sound effects, etc.
  • A model based on User Generated Content (UGC), that is, the content generated by the users themselves, called ‘Tiktokers’.
  • An artificial intelligence system that shows each person the contents that are likely to be of interest to them, without the need to follow any other user.
  • A wide variety of content, including challenges, reaction videos, cringe and dubbing.

To use TikTok, you need to download the application and register on the platform, indicating an email, username and password (or using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account data). To record your first video, just click on 'Click to create new video', and select the recording functions that you find most interesting. You can expand your audience by adding hashtags in each publication.

To access the statistics that will guide your strategy in this social network, it is convenient that you transform your account to PRO. You can do it in Settings> Manage account> Switch to Pro account> Business. Only in this way will it be possible to take advantage of the tools and functionalities of TikTok Business. Do not forget to optimize your profile, completing the basic data of your brand or business. You can also add links to your ecommerce or to another landing page to which you want to redirect users.

Although initially TikTok was not conceived to sell products or services, its enormous capacity for growth has made it an immense digital showcase to publicize your brand, as well as to generate content with which you present your product in a more attractive and innovative way. You can also use some new tools that facilitate its dissemination, such as Messagenes Social Media Stickers, which allow dual and instant access to your account by QR code / NFC technology. You have more information about this product in the following link:

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