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How does WhatsApp Business work?

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How does WhatsApp Business work?

Since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, this messaging platform has not stopped expanding its functions and multiplying the number of users, a figure that is currently estimated at more than one billion a day.

In accordance with this expansive strategy, its managers presented in 2017 the Business version, a free app for Android and Apple that allows small and medium-sized businesses to instantly connect with their customers. One of the fundamental objectives of the new application was to free WhatsApp from SPAM messages, a goal that explains some of its conditions of use.

Among other advantages, WhatsApp Business offers the following utilities:

  • Enable any user to interact directly with your business instantly and easily.
  • Create welcome messages (when the client contacts your company for the first time) and absence messages (when we are outside office hours or are simply absent).
  • Set up automatically triggered messages to give a quick reply (for example, a goodbye text).
  • Access to statistics, one of the main advantages of the Business version, which allows us to measure some data from the conversations and shipments we make.
  • Classify users with labels, a function that facilitates the monitoring and control of our customer acquisition process.
  • Create a profile of our business and upload a product catalog directly from our store to promote electronic commerce.

Facilitates andl Quick and easy access for your customers to your communication channel using QR codes or NFC devices like ours.

If we add all the potential of WhatsApp Business to our WhatsApp QR / NFC labels, you will turn WhatsApp into a professional customer service channel with infinite possibilities. Do you want to try it?

Etiqueta WhatsApp QR/NFC Gris   Etiqueta WhatsApp QR/NFC Blanca 

On the other hand, WhatsApp has announced new utilities, which will be implemented imminently in the Business version, such as the centralization of Messenger - Instagram - WhatsApp messages, or the enabling of a payment system, which will allow economic transactions simply by configuring our bank within the platform.

If you want us to advise you on how WhatsApp Business and our QR / NFC tags for direct WhatsApp chat just get in touch with us here

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How does WhatsApp Business work?
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