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How does WhatsApp Business work? (II)

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How does WhatsApp Business work? (II)

The professional version of WhatsApp has been expressly designed to be applied to the customer service and communication strategy of companies.

The potential of this tool is vastly greater than other utilities, since the percentage of messages that are opened on this channel is around 98%. On the other hand, the response time is incomparably shorter (the answer to an email usually takes 90 minutes on average, while on WhatsApp it barely reaches 90 seconds). We live in a time when we want everything instantly, so this immediacy will improve the opinion that our clients have of our company and our brand.

There are different ways to integrate this channel into our communication strategy:

  • integrating it into your website through a chat button,
  • incorporating it into your email newsletter to diversify the contact channels of those who are used to communicating on WhatsApp,
  • linking it to the sales processes and launching of new products, using it as a means of offering a better after-sales service, etc.


This range of possibilities for a closer and more dynamic relationship with customers and subscribers.

To take advantage of the full potential of this tool properly and efficiently, it is also advisable to avoid certain practices:

  • send messages to people who have confirmed that they do not want to be on your list
  • send messages to uninterested recipients,
  • do not personalize the greeting,
  • don't reply to messages
  • not comply with the GDPR

 In addition, using the HUB like the one offered by Messagenes, it is possible to optimize the benefits of this tool when it comes to easily and simply accessing this channel via QR or NFC, with our HUB you can:

  • Modify the welcome message making it contextual, after reading one of our labels the default message can be the hotel room where the client is and in each room you can have one of our WhatsApp QR stickers installed
  • Effectively implement an autoresponder robot
  • Segment contacts by language, etc ...
At MESSAGENES we have the perfect solution to create contextual communication with your clients using all the power of the WhatsApp Business messaging app.
We encourage you to discover our WhatsApp QR / NFC labels for Direct Chat in our store, Click here.

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How does WhatsApp Business work? (II)
2020-11-23 16:57:54 +0100
2020-11-23 16:57:54 +0100
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