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IPhone update for NFC

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IPhone update for NFC

With the update to iOS 14, all iPhone 7 and later can read and write NFC tags, finally!

 One of the factors that had so far slowed down the spread of NFC technology was the incompatibility of many iPhone models with this type of device. Fortunately, Apple has announced the new versions of iOS, which present interesting news in this field. With this release, iPhones 7 and up will finally have full access to NFC tag functions (iPhone 5 and earlier lack an NFC sensor, and iPhone 6 and iPhone SE can only use it for payments).

The possibility of accessing the UID of the chip enables several applications that were previously reserved for Android smartphones, among which were authentication, traceability, access control, logistics, ticketing, etc. With iOS 14, support for NFC tag reading is native. The command to read an NFC tag is found in the Control Center.

With this new feature, iPhone applications can write NDEF information, such as URL and text. IPhones will also enjoy access to native tags to take advantage of features available on different NFC chips. This openness represents a breakthrough for all NFC applications, which can now reach a wider audience.

The operation of the updated iPhones is very similar to that of the Android smartphones:

  • for NFC tag programming, an app is required (such as for Android)
  • it is possible to read the UID of the NFC chip
  • iPhone XS and later versions support reading tags in the background, without opening a specific application. Older models require a specific application to be opened (with iOS 14 it is native).

On the other hand, iPhone is compatible with all NFC Forum chips, from type 1 to 5, including NTAG, ICODE, FeliCa and MIFARE (Desfire, Plus, Ultralight). Specifically, Messagenes NFC tags use the FORUM NTAG Type 2 NFC chip.

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IPhone update for NFC
2020-11-19 11:08:33 +0100
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