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Messagenes contributes its technology to the Applying Mentoring project

Messagenes contributes its technology to the Applying Mentoring project

This year, the Messagenes platform is once again the monitoring and evaluation tool of the RecerCaixa project “Applying Mentoring: Social and technological innovations for the social inclusion of immigrants and refugees”. This initiative is supported by enTàndem - AFEV, Rossinyol - Universitat de Girona, Rossinyol BCN - Fundació Servei Solidari, Rossinyol Tarragona - Associació Qm Zero, Urrentxindorra - Public University of Navarra, and Urretxindorra - SOS Racismo Guipúzcoa.

This model for managing mentoring programs offers a number of graphics that provide technicians with the information necessary to optimize this work. The system is fed with the data provided by the mentors through questionnaires (DataCards) by Messagenes. Among other aspects, these graphics allow you to view:

  • He number of mentors that provide weekly information through the platform (with the possibility of automatically contacting or sending reminders to people who have not done so).
  • The degree of intensity of encounters (to differentiate relationships with greater depth, from those that have not reached this level).
  • He type of conversations that couples are maintaining (identifying those in which relevant issues such as education, gender or social justice are discussed).
  • The percentage of conversations or interactions that the couple has had in relation to two relevant sociological concepts: cultural capital and social capital.
  • The number of incidents weekly program (taking into account that this figure should be decreasing throughout the process).

For example, mentors must answer a questionnaire on the quality of the relationship index, which is articulated on different questions: Are the encounters running short? Do I feel close to my mentee? Am I enjoying the experience of being a mentor? Has my mentee made improvements since we started? Sometimes we don't know what to talk about? Am I having difficulty reconciling mentoring with other activities? Do I sometimes feel frustrated because I don't see changes in my mentee? Do I have the feeling that my mentee might be doing another activity that would motivate him more?

Thanks to the capture of all this information, it is possible to generate accumulated knowledge and display it in graphs to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of projects. In this way, it is possible to help the mentors in their work, as well as to maximize the results of the programs.

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Messagenes contributes its technology to the Applying Mentoring project
2020-11-23 16:56:57 +0100
2020-11-23 16:56:57 +0100
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