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NFC direct access to your YouTube channel

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NFC direct access to your YouTube channel

Contactless innovation as proximity technologies for Android and iPhone have become a priority in recent months. In addition to the rebirth of a relatively veteran utility such as QR codes, which are being used for all kinds of purposes, NFC is on its way to becoming the standard option to respond to this need. More and more smartphones are incorporating this possibility, whose applications continue to multiply.

Some of the gadgets that use this technology are marketing stickers or smart tags. They can look like stickers or keychains, and allow you to perform various preconfigured actions. It is enough to bring our mobile closer to one of these tags so that the NFC chip is activated and it automatically links us to a specific web page, a video tutorial or the review page of a local business.

Messagenes has a wide range of these stickers, which combine the NFC and QR code technology. Highlights a range of stickers to directly access our accounts on social networks. For example, YouTube sticker. It allows anyone to quickly and easily access our channel or a specific video, being able to expand, with audiovisual content, the information they need at that time. The possibilities offered by this tool are innumerable, such as:


  • You can stick these tags next to the items you expose in your store and link them with an explanatory video where you show the operation or benefits of the product, if you have a business.
  • You can attach this tag to the showcase where you advertise each home you sell or rent, so that the customer can see a recording of the property instantly on their smartphone, if you are a real estate manager.
  • You can put a sticker on each machine of exercises, so that the user can see how it is used and what is the ideal way to perform the corresponding physical activity, if you manage a gym.
  • You can take this sticker with you, or even place it in strategic places, to multiply the number of followers and visits to your channel, if you are a content creator.


The applications for these stickers are practically endless. You can find more information about the Messagenes YouTube sticker at the following link:

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NFC direct access to your YouTube channel
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