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QR / NFC Stickers for Google Review


New marketing strategies are highlighting the growing importance of online valuations, also in the case of companies working in the offline world, and businesses now have a new tool to facilitate these reviews. More and more customers go to the Google Business company files, where they can consult, comment and assess their experience. And consumers' decisions when choosing local stores, restaurants, bars and businesses are influenced by the results of the searches in which they are interested. Google is currently giving this service a lot of importance, thanks to its "gamification" strategy, promoting customer opinions in a playful way, with a set of awards, local guide stamps and rewards. This model makes the experience of contributing ratings, reviews and comments much more enjoyable.

Messagenes offers a new tool to encourage businesses to get more and better ratings on Google Business, thanks to its QR / NFC stickers. In a context of generalization of contactless technologies, it is increasingly common for consumers to pay with their mobile phone, and that is when the person who attends the customer can encourage them to bring their phone close to the NFC sticker to make a positive assessment quickly and easily, with a score of 1 to 5 stars, which can be accompanied by opinions and images. In addition, recently Apple has decided to open the NFC technology to its iPhone, as was the case with Android, so that the vast majority of devices can now use this resource (link to the article on this topic).

For example, a restaurant establishment in Tarragona you have just implemented this service in your premises. The owners encourage their customers to use the Messagenes QR / NFC sticker, and in one week they have achieved more than twenty positive reviews. This is how you get a better positioning in Google, specifically in the search results of local businesses, which increases reputation and number of customers.

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QR / NFC Stickers for Google Review
2022-02-24 15:30:18 +0100
2022-02-24 15:30:18 +0100
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