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WhatsApp plans to continue expanding its functionalities during the year 2021 with a whole series of news, in its constant effort to respond to the requirements of its more than 2,000 million active users per month, and in its attempt to continue to stand out from other competitors in the market.

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WhatsApp has started the first quarter of the year with almost as many updates such as announcements of new features. In this series of articles we will analyze point by point that we already have at our disposal today, and we will also reveal some of the novelties that are still to come.

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Among some of the scales that grant access to the top positions in the ranking of European travel guides edited by the prestigious German association ADAC, they stand out for their more digital facet: innovation, marketing or accessibility, both physical and virtual. Discover how the emergence of new technological solutions in the sector is already contributing to the improvement of point-to-point internal communication between staff and customers, in turn favoring loyalty through direct access to social networks and future digital marketing campaigns.

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If your company includes Generation Z among its target audience, the TikTok platform can be very useful to publicize your brand, either by creating your own content, working with influencers or launching a paid advertising campaign.

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Proximity technology allows anyone to quickly and easily access a specific YouTube channel or video, expanding with audiovisual content the information they need at that time.

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Christmas shopping is approaching and there are many face-to-face establishments that suffer from growing competition from online stores. Most small entrepreneurs see digital commerce as a threat to their survival, and they do not know how to deal with a trend that seems to have no reverse.

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