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Las Palmeras campsite implements Direct Chat

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Las Palmeras campsite implements Direct Chat

Our coasts are home to hundreds of campsites, which every summer are filled with a multitude of tourists who want to enjoy their holidays. The special physical configuration of these establishments, characterized by a considerable distance between the accommodation and the reception, makes a good internal communication system with your customers essential.

Aware of this challenge, those in charge of the Las Palmeras campsite in Tarragona have decided to implement Direct Chat this summer, a Messagenes tool that optimizes customer service through WhatsApp Business. A dual NFC / QR technology tag has been installed in each bungalow, with which the guest can contact the campsite reception in a simple, fast and personalized way. Thanks to Direct Chat, campsites achieve different benefits:

  • It decongests the telephone lines of the campsite, reduces the constant dedication required to attend them, and increases staff productivity.
  • It improves the experience of the customer who needs information, since they no longer have to wait to be answered by phone.
  • It opens a contextualized communication channel, since the reception staff knows the origin of each message automatically.
  • It allows you to easily create automated messages, which are instantly adapted to the language of the client's browser.
  • It facilitates the orderly management of reservations and orders, by having all interactions in writing, classified by customer and ordered temporarily.
  • It is a definite investment, since the Messagenes HUB allows you to redirect each tag to the desired URL, without the need to reprint the QR.
  • It adapts to the health requirements derived from Covid, as it is a totally contactless communication model.

The result of the implementation of Direct Chat at the Las Palmeras campsite has been so successful that other establishments in the area are already beginning to install the same system for managing communication with their customers.

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Las Palmeras campsite implements Direct Chat
2020-11-23 16:58:08 +0100
2020-11-23 16:58:08 +0100
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