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WhatsApp as a new customer service channel

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WhatsApp as a new customer service channel

The WhatApp messaging application is becoming an increasingly business-friendly tool, especially in countries where it enjoys high market penetration. According to data from the Eurobarometer, Spain is the European country with the largest implementation of this channel, with a number of users that exceeds twenty million. In other words, in our environment, everyone has WhatsApp installed on their mobile.
These diffusion rates also multiply the commercial possibilities of WhatsApp Business, a free professional version born in early 2018. Initially, it was proposed as a tool for SMEs, but several large companies have already implemented it, for example the airline KLM. Undoubtedly, the enormous success of this application makes it the ideal channel to effectively manage customer service.
There are many advantages that WhatsApp Business offers in this task: it allows you to create a company profile with the most relevant data of the company (website, type of activity, business hours, location, social profiles ...), it can also be managed through the computer (thanks to its web version), allows the configuration of quick responses (which can be saved and reused) and personalized messages (welcome, absence ...), it can be used with a fixed line (through the option "Call me"), allows segmenting different groups of clients (for example, to send them similar communications based on their profile), offers communications statistics, etc.
Apart from these utilities, WhatsApp shows companies a wide range of benefits in the management of customer service: it is a powerful free application, it clears telephone communication lines, improves the reputation of the company, humanizes the brand Thanks to its proximity, it allows the generation of a high-quality customer database, etc. Furthermore, by combining this channel with the NFC / QR cards and the HUB that Messagenes offers, it is possible to manage customer service in a much simpler, agile, versatile and professional way. All this makes WhatsApp Business one of the best tools that the market currently offers for interaction between companies and customers.
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WhatsApp as a new customer service channel
2020-11-23 16:58:19 +0100
2020-11-23 16:58:19 +0100
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