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With which WhatsApp updates has the year 2021 started?

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With which WhatsApp updates has the year 2021 started?

After incorporate video calling into your desktop and web application that we already announced previously, along with the expansion of up to 8 participants in them, the Dark Mode, so requested by users since the arrival of OLED screens, or offering the possibility of sharing videos without such sound how it happens on Instagram, WhatsApp plans to continue expanding its functionalities during the year 2021 with a whole series of news and updates in its constant effort to respond to the requirements of its more than 2,000 million active users per month.

In this series of articles we will detail the main changes, apart from the updates to its conditions, that WhatsApp has recently developed, as well as those that it plans to implement during the current year 2021.

Between the news already active, the following stand out:

  • Dark mode:

Operating systems and applications are embracing this mode that protects eyesight and increases battery life.

  • Videos without sound:

In the new version, we can share a video without sound, reducing the data and the weight of the video. As it already exists on Instagram, we have a button with a megaphone emoticon, in which we can turn the sound on and off whenever we want.

  • QR code to add contacts:

It is located in the Profile section of our mobile. Thanks to this code we can add contacts much easier and faster. The most benefited from this function will be the companies that use WhatsApp Business, since they will be able to put the QR code in their establishment.

In the case of business, there are also other external tools that combines QR code and NFC tag technologies to allow them to use their own WhatsApp as a customer service.

  • Blocking and unblocking from chat:

Other novelties is the possibility of seeing when we have blocked someone, as well as being able to unblock them from the chat itself with a simple touch, without having to navigate between the application settings.

  • Limitation on message forwarding:

It is a function aimed at limiting the viralization of fakes through WhatsApp, an especially relevant objective as a result of the hoaxes linked to the coronavirus health crisis. In this way, we can only forward a message to a chat once.

  • Video calls on WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web:

At the time of virtual meetings and online meetings, WhatsApp gave its arm to twist and announced the arrival of video calls to the web version. It will improve the experience of video calls by making them from a larger screen.

  • Expansion of the number of participants in video calls:

Also the pandemic has generalized video calls to maintain contact with family and friends. Until now, WhatsApp only allowed video calls with up to four participants, but current demand (and competition) has forced the number of participants to increase to eight.

  • Mute groups forever:

Until now, the available options were eight hours, a week and a year, but now you can silence WhatsApp groups forever. Of course, even if you silence the notifications, when someone writes to that group the chat will continue to appear in your conversation list. To avoid this you can archive the groups. We advance you that changes are also expected...

So far the most recent, which is not little, don't you think?

Well, it's just the beginning! Discover in our next article the upcoming WhatsApp news that are going to be launched imminently:

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With which WhatsApp updates has the year 2021 started?
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