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Social media stickers

Increase visits and the number of followers with our QR/NFC stickers

Pegatinas social networks

Increase visits from your social networks

Our Adhesive Stickers with Chip NTAG213 and Smart QR will help you to make yourself known effectively

1. Customer reads the sticker

2. Your page opens in the browser

3. The customer sees your content

Why choose our product?

  • Each Sticker has a different QR  

  • Flexibility to change URL in pre-printed QR

  • Make your social networks known

  • The NFC/HUB tool allows you to modify your account

How does it work?

  • Receive our stickers with Chip: NTAG213  

  • Activate the sticker using your smartphone  

  • Enter your URL of the social network

  • Ready! Your stickers are active  

  • Stick them in strategic places

How much?

  • Each sticker costs 7.20€ (consult from 25 units)

  • Includes 1 year of service to the NFC HUB (see +)  

  • From the 2nd year of use the renewal of the service costs 3€/sticker

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QR/NFC stickers for social networks


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