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Whatsapp Direct Message Sticker with QR & NFC - rectangular gray version
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⭐ Your client much closer, direct access to their WhatsApp ⭐

Adapt to the new times! 

Communication with your customers is faster, more direct and closer in the digital world.

Our Adhesive Stickers with NTAG213 chip and Smart QR help you connect with customers without contact, quickly and safely.  

Bringing their smartphones closer to the NFC tag or scanning the WhatsApp QR code they will have instantly access to your chat.

How does it work?

  • The client scans the QR code or uses the WhatsApp NFC tag to link to the company's WhatsApp  
  • Your company WhatsApp opens
  • The welcome message appears
  • The client sends his inquiry, order or reservation


With our Direct Chat WhatsApp QR / NFC you can always:

  • Modify the phone number
  • Modify the welcome message

With our WhatsApp QR/NFC sticker, a whole year of the management HUB is included in the service.

From second year the fee is 3€ / sticker

Sticker size 86mmx55mm with NTAG213 CHIP
(The use of the chip interferes on metal surfaces)


Sticker 86mm x 55mm with NTAG213 CHIP and Smart QR

For good use and maintenance we advise you:

Never stick on metallic surfaces, as they interfere with the NFC chip.
Do not use abrasive cleaning products on the tag as they could damage the QR printing.  
In case you need NFC adhesive tags for metallic surfaces, contact us.

Learn more about our tags with NFC and QR technology focused on direct chat with WhatsApp.
If you have any questions about this product we will try to answer you with the following frequently asked questions, in case you have If you have any other questions or doubts, write us by WhatsApp or in the contact form .


When I receive the tags, how do I link them to my company WhatsApp?
You will only have to read one of them and you will access our NFC HUB management platform and there you will be able to:
- Add the phone number.
- Configure the welcome message.
- Add other languages in case your clients are international.
- It is ready to use.

Once the tag is configured, can I modify the phone number, welcome message and languages whenever I want?
Yes, whenever you want, in addition to be able to print an emergency QR so you never run out of service.

Does the NFC work in all Smartphones?

No, some users do not have this option activated or the device does not have it.  
NFC technology is what allows you to pay with the mobile for example.  
But don't worry, since Contactless technology is spreading more and more, partly due to the current pandemic situation

If you have any other questions, contact us without obligation. we will be delighted to attend.

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