Why purchase NFCs with Messagenes?

Our NFC TAGS include our online service. You can manage URLs remotely with our NFC HUB, and use the Basic Plan of the Messagenes platform for free.

How does it work?

All our NFCs have a URL that points to the URL HUB.  Online, in the NFC HUB, you can change the direction to link to any website, network or service.

Why use the Messagenes Platform?

Use it if you need an information service behind your NFC Tag.  In the Activity Tags and Hospitality Tags section of our shop you will find many different activity and information templates. 

How do I link the NFC Tag to the online service?

When you first use the TAG you will be directed to the service and asked to enter your email. Please confirm the email you receive and provide a password.

Choose the service for the TAG beforehand.  For instance, if you choose the MENU Tag, this service will automatically be connected to your account and tags.