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Innovation through proximity marketing is already a reality in campsites

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Innovation through proximity marketing is already a reality in campsites

At the Las Palmeras campsite, located in Tarragona, they were clear that they had to take advantage of the tools offered by new technologies to improve customer service and communication. Until now, most of these establishments have carried out this work by telephone from reception, a model that creates numerous problems: it requires constant dedication to not make guests wait, it occupies a number of lines that is always limited, requires an immediate answer, prevents have a history of conversations, does not offer automatic identification of the interlocutor, etc.

Then they discovered an innovative and inexpensive product to meet these challenges: NFC WhatsApp Direct Chat from Messagenes, a professional communication manager based on WhatsApp Business, which uses smart stickers with combines QR code and NFC tag technology to optimize customer interaction. The system couldn't be simpler:

  • The guest access through the QR code / NFC tag sticker from the bungalow.
  • Chat opens instantly on their smartphone.
  • Receive an automatic welcome message in their own language.
  • And then, writes an inquery: a request for information, a reservation for a service, a notice about extending the stay, etc.

From the beginning it was clear that this model was especially useful in the case of a campsite, where its benefits were obvious and with a high economic return. Shortly after implementing it, Las Palmeras managers verified the main advantages of Direct Chat:

  • It decongests phone lines, reduces the constant dedication required to service them, and increases staff productivity.
  • It improves the experience of the customer who needs information, since they no longer have to wait to be answered by phone or have to go to reception.
  • It opens a contextualized communication channel, since the reception staff knows the origin of each message automatically.
  • It allows to owners to easily create automated messages, which are instantly adapted to the language of the client's browser.
  • It facilitates the orderly management of reservations and orders, by having all interactions in writing, classified by client and ordered temporarily.
  • It is a definite investment, as the Messagenes HUB allows you to redirect each sticker to the desired telephone number, with the same sticker.
  • It adapts to new contactless communication needs.

Something similar happened at the La Ampolla campsite, also in Tarragona. They wanted to maximize the use of social media to keep their customers informed, and also improve their digital brand. Messagenes QR code and NFC technology served both goals.

On the one hand, the campsite installed social media stickers in its bungalows (there is a wide range of these products, which includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok) that soon favored the takeoff of visits to its profiles. One of the advantages of this product is that it allows you to redirect when you want the destination of the link. Thus, thanks to the QR code and NFC management tool of Messagenes, we can redirect the sticker to the main page of our profiles on social networks, or change it for free to a specific content that we want to highlight, this process being totally reversible. We can even redirect the same sticker to a new account that we decide to open. As in the previous case, the model is extremely simple:

  • The customer brings his mobile to the NFC tag or scans the QR code on the sticker.
  • With a single click, open the page in the browser and see the linked content.

Secondly, the managers of the Ampolla Playa campsite also wanted to multiply and improve their reviews on Google. New marketing strategies are highlighting the growing importance of online reviews, also in the case of companies that work in the offline world. Indeed, market research shows that consumers' decisions to visit shops, restaurants, bars or accommodation are increasingly influenced by the results of the searches in which they are interested.

Aware of this reality, the campsite opted for the stickers that Messagenes has created for this purpose. It is increasingly common for consumers to pay with their mobile phone. It is precisely that moment when the person at the reception can encourage the satisfied customer to bring their phone closer to the Review us on Google sticker  to quickly and easily make a positive review, with a score of 1 to 5 stars, which it can be accompanied with opinions and images.

Undoubtedly, the experience of Las Palmeras and La Ampolla demonstrates the possibilities that QRcode and NFC technology, combined with a management platform such as Messagenes, can offer campsites to improve their internal communication with customers, expand the visibility on social networks, and boost their digital print and brand identity, opening the door to future digital marketing campaigns. An easy, fast and inexpensive tool to solve old problems with new solutions.

Find out more about how you can benefit from the advantages offered by this tool at:

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Innovation through proximity marketing is already a reality in campsites
2021-02-15 12:25:31 +0100
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