Social Media NFC and QR

Digital letter NFC and QR

How to activate QR and NFC social media stickers

You are very close to being able to activate your new MESSAGENES stickers. All our stickers and tags are activated in the same way, you will see how easy and fast it is.

Follow these simple steps and in less than a minute your QR and NFC stickers will be operational:

  1. Bring your mobile closer to the NFC or read the QR (sticker or keychain). Make sure you have the NFC option activated on your mobile. You can also use the QR code by scanning it. If your mobile does not have NFC or QR, tell us your email and we will activate it. 
  2. Enter your email and click "OK".
  3. Receive an email in the email you entered in step 2 (check your SPAM folder if you can't find it) and confirm it to activate your account.
  4. You will access our website and once in "My Products" you will see your tag and click on "CONFIGURE".
  5. Follow the simple setup steps.

Technical assistance:
Call or send a WhatsApp to 977 658 116 (use the QR).

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