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Direct Chat Tags for WhatsApp 

Improve the communication and marketing of your company with our QR/NFC tags

WhatsApp Sticker

Communicate with your customers quickly and efficiently 

Our Adhesive Stickers with Chip NTAG213 and Smart QR help you connect with customers without contact and safely

1. Customer reads the tag

1. Customer reads the tag

2. Your company WhatsApp opens

2. Your company WhatsApp opens

WhatsApp QR and NFC
3. The welcome message appears

3. The welcome message appears

4. The client sends his inquiry, order or reservation

4. The client sends his inquiry, order or reservation

Why choose our product?

  • Each Tag has a different QR  

  • Flexibility to change the number and text in QR already printed

  • Multi-language for international clients, our QR detects the client's language

  • The NFC/HUB tool allows you to modify your message, phone number and + ...

Why choose our product?
How does it work?

How does it work?

  • Receive our tags with Chip: NTAG213  

  • Activate the tag using your smartphone  

  • Access the NFC HUB (management tool, see +)  

  • Add phone number and welcome message

  • Ready! Your WhatsApp direct chat tags are active  

  • Stick them in strategic places

How does it work?

How much?

  • Each tag costs 7.20€ (consult from 25 units)

  • Includes 1 year of service to the NFC HUB (see +)  

  • From the 2nd year of use the renewal of the service costs 3€/tag  

How much?

QR/NFC Tags for WhatsApp Direct Chat


The management tool for you SMART NFC HUB

Our tag management tool (NFC HUB) to change phone numbers and welcome messages quickly and easily

In addition to:

  • No more printing, your tags can be reused as many times as you want thanks to the NFC HUB  

  • Multi-language, the message appears in the language in which the customer has configured their Smartphone  

  • Statistics, thanks to the use and interaction data you can improve your communication and marketing strategy  

  • For large clients we have quick configuration solutions Ask us! 

Combine direct chat with WhatsApp Business

By integrating our stickers with WhatsApp Business, increase their functionalities and possibilities of use.

iconCreation of business profile

That includes important information for the client (address, hours of operation, websites, social networks).

iconOrganize and segment

Contacts through tags to send personalized messages.

iconAutomate messages

Welcome and absence so that your contacts are always informed of the company's situation


You can add your logo as a profile photo and keep a background that provides images and texts

iconAutomated messages

Welcome messages, absent messages and even prerecorded answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be programmed. 

iconVariety of content

Active links, photos, videos, PDF, locations and audio messages are still available

iconTag control

Explore ways to categorize your conversations into audience types, contact channels, or sales stages

Tag control

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